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Empathy is the highest form of Capital
We thrive only when everyone else does.


The Jupiter 360 Foundation is dedicated and committed to helping nonprofits solve challenges to achieve goals in program efficiencies, operations, marketing, and fundraising, and deliver sustainable impact.

“If you can align all the dots in your strategy, your aspirational goals are not high enough”

– Shantanu Narayan, CEO, Adobe

Our Values

Empathy is the highest form of capital; we thrive only when you do.

Dignity for all
We believe that all sentient beings deserve to live a life of dignity, respect and consideration for fellow human beings.

We applaud and celebrate exceptional leaders, founders and organizations dedicated to bringing our values to life, meeting people where they are and taking them to higher levels of synergy.

Jupiter 360 Foundation is a 501 c(3) nonprofit corporation approved by the IRS.

Featured Campaign

About the Campaign
The scholarships are for girls from highly marginalized communities from Uttarakhand. They have acquired admission at Ferguson college in Pune and need partial support for tuition and non-tuition expenses.

Knowledge & Funding Partners

Open Campaigns


There is strength in numbers. Volunteer for us!

One of our goals at Jupiter 360 Foundation is to actively recruit and engage volunteers in India, the US, or anywhere in the world for in-person and remote hands-on work, cultivating mentoring relationships with the nonprofits we partner with and using your talent, expertise and experience for doing good.