Waatavaran, a Mumbai-based social venture situated in India, is dedicated to fostering a climate-just environment. Recognizing the profound impact of our surroundings on our identities, they emphasize that a positive environment contributes to the well-being of individuals, enhances workplace productivity, and paves the way for a successful life. Their approach involves conducting research, fostering engagement, and advocating for awareness among the general public, academia, researchers, institutions, and policymakers. The goal is to encourage a collective effort to limit or alter our activities, thereby enhancing the overall quality of the environment in which we reside.


Their vision is a commitment towards the conservation of forest land while securing the identity, dignity and livelihoods of the tribal community.


To achieve this, their mission is to secure the land ownership of 1 million Adivasis’ by 2026 through the use of technology, community leadership, government collaboration and civil society alliances.

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