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Mentors and Coaches, Join Us!

We promise this will be one of your most fulfilling and fun journeys!

The Jupiter 360 Foundation is a focused effort to bring together nonprofits and advisors to work collaboratively in a kind, responsive manner to co-create and build sustainable organizations.

As a coach or mentor, you will work with nonprofit founders and leadership teams to co-create operating plans, mitigate risk, analyze operational challenges, identify and solve challenges setting up baselines, tracking progress with project management technologies and impact metrics.

While solving challenges is a crucial need, the long term objectives are to train leadership and volunteers to think differently, set audacious goals, and build a culture of learning and growth for a sustainable future. Real world solutions in the fast changing business landscape.

The nonprofits you will work with are typically between 3-10 years old, have small budgets, and mostly work on volunteer power; often on very lean resources. Partnering with coaches, mentors and advisors gives founders and leadership teams a safe space to be vulnerable, learn, make mistakes and draw out roadmaps to success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaches and mentors usually work on a project or per nonprofit basis.

Anywhere between 1-3 hours per week or once every few weeks, depending on the work and the urgency of the tasks undertaken.

All communications are managed via online calls, project management tools, meeting summaries and predetermined schedules with nonprofits.

No, the mentorship and coaching program is pro bono.

Coaches typically work with founders and leadership teams of nonprofits and a few select social enterprises working towards rural development. They can select the sector, the type of work, the number of hours they would like to work and can choose from the selected nonprofits. Coaches can arrange to work on the ground in India or US with in person work or online on Zoom.

We try as much as possible to match the coaches preferences, In most cases, the expertise and knowledge of the coach in the for profit or the nonprofit world allows for expert mentorship.