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Unipads India Pvt. Ltd. empowers underprivileged women and girls to manufacture reusable sanitary cloth pads, thus providing them and their families a source of livelihood. It empowers women to distribute Unipads’ reusable sanitary pads to other women living in the rural and semi urban areas. It not only makes the product available to women and girls at a reasonable price and convenient manner, but also provides employment to women who work as distributors, so called ‘kalyani’s’.


To see women grabbing opportunities which they could have missed because of poor menstrual hygiene. And while we are at it, we provide sustainable and affordable solutions.


In India, only 36% of 355 million menstruating females use sanitary napkins. We are on a mission to reduce this gap.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer your time and skillset to Unipads, please click the Volunteer now button below.