The Problem

Out of a population of 1.4 billion people, India has more than 80 million people living in extreme poverty, earning less than $1.50 per day. Schools that were built 75 years ago are in dilapidated conditions and lacking basic sanitation facilities, with girls often dropping out of school after puberty due to lack of toilets. Child marriage, child labor, malnutrition, high mortality rates, and disease are common, inexcusable sufferings of communities in rural India.

This means that the 4 million nonprofits in India working toward breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty have a steep uphill task of creating meaningful change even though they are stretched for resources. While this forces them to learn how to navigate around a radically frugal mindset, it also poses a critical problem: the danger and tendency to cut back on the wrong things, potentially starving innovation, ignoring peripheral issues and diminishing impact.

What We Do

Jupiter 360 Foundation is often called a venture studio for nonprofits. With a radically different, cost effective, scalable and learnable behavioral and systems change approach we are building capacity, creating better leaders, funding and fundraising, building the narrative, recruiting volunteer advisors and creating processes for data enrichment to achieve predictable and replicable growth.

J360 works with NGOs, private and public foundations, corporate foundations, individuals and for profit partners whose mission is to advance at least one of the UN SDGs. They are willing to partner with neighboring organizations, share resources, set targets and work in a rigorous end to end growth training cycle. The end beneficiaries of these nonprofits’ work are people living in rural or peri-urban areas across India, where the urban/rural divide creates disproportionate negative repercussions.

Fueling Nonprofit Growth

The Process

We Collaborate

We collaborate with like minded organizations to create, fund and implement a multi year Social Development Fund designed to scale organizational capacity.

We Support

We support nonprofits with development grants, access to funding opportunities, peer to peer networking, volunteer opportunities, and infrastructural support.

We Mentor

Our cohort of volunteer advisors and mentors facilitate outcome-based solutions to complex programmatic and sustainability challenges


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