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Empathy is the highest form of Capital

We thrive only when everyone else does.


The Jupiter 360 Foundation is dedicated and committed to helping nonprofits solve challenges to achieve goals in program efficiencies, operations, marketing, and fundraising, and deliver sustainable impact.

The Problem

As a function of the work they do, nonprofits rarely look into the “business side” of infrastructure, program development, branding and most importantly fundraising. Chasing program development while raising funds is challenging, both intricately intermingled with resource planning and developing short and long term strategy. Leading a hand to mouth existence is not uncommon and founders and leadership teams, strapped for bandwidth often resort to band aid solutions which further exacerbate the situation.

What We Do

The biggest planet in our Solar System, Jupiter (or the Planet Guru) embodies growth, expansion and groundedness. The Jupiter 360 Foundation takes a circular view of your non-profit to engage in a conversation about what challenges you; to co-create sustainable solutions.

We believe that empowering individuals and entrepreneurs who seek to improve the lives of the people around them is the best way to create more opportunity globally. Jupiter 360 invests from a balance sheet of thousands of donated expertise hours and human capital to fuel entrepreneurial and business wellbeing. We bring together expert mentors and nonprofits to foster an environment of constant learning and improvement.

Our Theory of Change

“If you can align all the dots in your strategy, your aspirational goals are not high enough”

-Shantanu Narayan, CEO, Adobe.