The 360 View – June 2023

Lots to write about and lots to keep busy people happily busy! We are excited to share all that has been happening here at Jupiter. It has been a busy quarter and we are looking forward to this season being even busier than before. 

Introducing ATREE A Jupiter 360 Foundation Partner Organization. Photo of Kamal, ATREE founder

First things first! Jupiter 360 is proud to partner with a global organization that is doing phenomenal work for mitigating climate change and promoting biodiversity. ATREE; The Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment was founded by Kamal Bawa. Kamal is an evolutionary ecologist, conservation biologist and a distinguished professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. In 2012, Bawa received the first Gunnerus Sustainability Award, the world’s major international award for work on sustainability. He is an elected member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He was elected a Member of the American Philosophical Society in 2019. 

The ATREE Board, composed of the who’s who in Indian philanthropy is taking the organization to new heights by raising awareness for the work it does in India and now in the US. ATREE is an accelerator partner with us and we can’t be happier working with Kamal and the ATREE India team in Bangalore. Find out more at:  

As always, we are in the midst of bringing technological changes to the nonprofits we work with. New websites, pitch videos, presentations, CRM development, data analytics, fundraising insights, narratives and storytelling are some of our niche areas of expertise in building a brand in the US for our partners. Check out the latest videos we made for Ekal and SRLC.

A mention for SRLC cannot go without a short brief on my March visit to Dharampur to witness the programs this organization is integrating in 225 villages. Telemedicine, a medical van making the rounds with physicians on board, digital education, a world class hospital with a neonatal unit, maternal care, physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for children born with low birth weights, an animal care program pilot that is now expanding to a full fledged animal hospital are just some of the things SRLC has undertaken. I see this as a 100 year vision, to build schools, colleges, institutions in the immediate vicinity of the most marginalized communities in India. Kudos to the founder, Rakeshbhai for his vision and perseverance. Here are some of the field pictures and videos of my visit.


After a 3 year break, a trip to the East Coast was memorable. SRLC hosted an event in Long Island, hitting all measures of success with attendees, fundraising, quality of the program, pitch presentation and follow up after the event. Made me so happy to see the volunteers giving their very best and owning their success! Shoutout to Mitesh, Chintan, Ushma, Amit, Hardik, Darshan, Shreyansh, Krish, Ketan, Alpa and so many more. You rock!


Jupiter 360 was thrilled to co-host the Ekal Bay Area invitees only event with three Forbes 30 under 30 as our speakers. Arun Saigal, Sampriti Bhattacharyya and Komal Ahmad are true pioneers in the field of no-code, robotics and AI, achieving resounding success from startup to second rounds of funding. Made us so proud to listen to our first gens making a difference!


Please mark your calendars for the next Founders Forum August 24th at 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 8.30 pm IST! We will feature Kamal Bawa, and SRLC’s team in a very different kind of panel discussion. The last one brought a lot of positive feedback, our speakers were happy with the loads of questions and the audience was happy to learn about our NGO partners and the work they do. We will feature Kamal Bawa, and SRLC’s team in a very different kind of panel discussion. You can RSVP for the event here

We can’t do what we do without your support! The Jupiter 360 Foundation provides services to nonprofits for building capacity, infrastructure and providing operational guidance. Please donate generously so we can continue to support nonprofits and their founders.


Healthcare Shortages Plague Rural India

Healthcare Shortages Plague Rural India

A plaguing concern in rural India is providing affordable health care solutions in remote areas. Poverty ridden rural communities grapple with issues like malnutrition, illiteracy and the lack of awareness of health related issues. These factors lead to premature deliveries, physical and mental disabilities, vulnerability to diseases and illnesses, non-adherence to basic hygiene standards.

According to the Rural Health Statistics 2021-2022 released last week, there is a shortage of more than 70% doctors and trained healthcare workers in remote and tribal areas thereby burdening existing facilities (3.2 beds per 10,000 patients); increasing costs, frequency of errors, and ineffective follow up care. A recent study on the social return on investment shows every dollar invested in rural healthcare, returns $36 dollars in social returns including increase in productivity, informed decision making, empowered women for their healthcare, reduction in malnutrition and preventable diseases and reduced healthcare costs. 

Many of our partner organizations at Jupiter 360 support healthcare in rural India. From health education and disease prevention to early intervention programs, hospitals, disabled care, telemedicine; these hardworking organizations are innovating and building programs that address the local needs, with organic on the ground solutions.

Healthcare Solutions

Facilitating Healthcare: Shrimad Rajchandraji Love & Care

The most prolific in the healthcare arena is Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care (SRLC). With support from corporate funders and foundations, they have established several high quality healthcare facilities rarely seen in rural areas. 

  • Multispecialty Hospitals
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Early Intervention Centre
  • Center dedicated to the physically challenged
  • Medical Camps
  • Health Education and Awareness Lessons
  • Outreach centers

Mobilizing Healthcare: Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation USA

Since 1986, Ekal has focused on education, starting and operating 80,000 schools and serving  3 million children in rural areas. In recent years, in order to provide holistic community development, Ekal has introduced preventative healthcare and Telemedicine-Enhanced Arogya or Healthcare (TEA) with medically equipped vans, top-level care; it also teaches how to prevent non-communicable diseases and promote wellness for long-term, lasting impact. The care provided includes:

  • Health & Hygiene
  • Anemia prevention
  • Telemedicine
  • Reproductive Health
  • Vaccination
  • Disease Prevention
  • Nutrition
  • Mobile Eye Clinics

Preventative Healthcare

While One Billion Literates Foundation (OBLF) started as an education based organization, they quickly realized that providing education alone would not be enough to help break the cycle of poverty. Applying the concept of literacy to encompass the community meant including adult education, women’s empowerment, and public health.


OBLF’s public health initiatives ensure equitable and sustained primary healthcare access for highly marginalized rural communities and reduce non-communicable diseases in vulnerable communities via preventive, curative and palliative healthcare services by; 

  • Demographic Mapping
  • Early Screenings
  • Mobile Health Clinics
  • Skilling and Employing Frontline Health-workers
  • Health Education

Although the healthcare system in India is unable to provide healthcare for everyone, nonprofit organizations are working to help close the gap. These organizations cannot provide healthcare to the underserved population without its supporters, people like you. Email us to know more: