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The Year of Founders and Seekers

The Year of Founders and Seekers

We look back in gratitude at the year gone by, for the partnerships forged and the opportunities to create change for 80 million people in rural India. Thank you!

We are grateful for our volunteer advisors and trustees who work patiently and tirelessly with our nonprofit partners while also mentoring our team at Jupiter 360 as we pioneer new ways to serve nonprofits. Thanks to Savi Sharma, Mohit Tandon, Ajit Chandorkar, Siva Sivakumar, BV Jagadeesh, Himanshu Palsule, Dulari Amin, Krutika Pranav – your unconditional love and support is much, much appreciated.

Our partner organizations – Ekal USA, SRLC USA, Plaksha University, One Billion Literates Foundation, 17,000 ft Foundation, Buddha Fellows, Vigyan Shaala have shown great courage and dedication towards the work they are doing in education, healthcare, skilling, and job creation. Your support and encouragement have gone a long way for developing the US audiences for increasing awareness and funds.

Takeaways from our Founders Forum: The one thing most nonprofits – and for profits for that matter miss is connecting the dots between marketing and customer service – as our keynote speaker Dheeraj Pandey so eloquently spoke about during our online global founders forum. The marketing team does not speak with customer service and on the nonprofit side, the donors never hear back after making a contribution. Simple things that build long term relationships. Insights and significant points that were presented via our founders panel, a CSR and US donor panel and a fireside chat with Dheeraj. A big shoutout to our CSR partners and their pioneering leaders, Pearl Tiwari, President, Ambuja Foundation, Lalit Mohan, President & COO, State Bank of India Foundation, Sakina Baker, Head CSR, Bosch India Foundation for sharing valuable insights into rural development.

At Jupiter 360, we are making connections deeper, vibrant, and alive as we dig in and build narratives, best practices in marketing and fundraising and finally, most importantly, building on a vision bigger than all of us.

Reach for the Stars Gala

Global Founders Forum

As the year heads to a close, I appeal to you to donate generously towards rural development in India. It is much needed, the wellbeing and livelihoods of the most marginalized people is in your hands. We are a 501c3 with overheads of just 3%. Effectively, 93% of your contribution goes towards program expenses and capacity building.

Great year end news: We recently signed an MoU with the State Bank of India Foundation. Every dollar raised for the 17,000 feet Foundation and One Billion Literates Foundation will be matched dollar for dollar in India.